Matt Bedingfield
2nd Place
Houston, TX

"I am so pleased with the changes in myself and my life. I go through each and every day with such sense of pride in myself and what I have accomplished. I have worked hard with a constant goal of steady weight loss and after twelve weeks I have achieved my goals and much, much more. The challenge was a great finish to an even longer process. About year ago I started my transformation and have lost a total of 60 pounds. It was only after completing the challenge that truly learned why a Lean Body is the only way to live."

The Grand Champion for the New Years 2007 Lean Body Challenge:
Jeff Havens , of League City, Texas!

In just 12 weeks, Jeff lost 17.5 pounds and dropped his body fat to 6.8%. Here's what he had to say about his experiece: Words cannot fully express the wide range of emotional and physical successes that this challenge has presented to me during the past 12 weeks. I have achieved more than I ever expected. I have stayed focused this entire 12 weeks in all aspects of my life. As funny as it sounds; I finally had the confidence to go sleevless in the gym. But, overall the largest emotional impact has been the way I see myself as a person. I honestly feel like I have made positive lifestyle changes that will allow me to conquer any of life's challenges. Congratulations, Jeff!

30 - 39 Division
Angela Havens 1st Place Winner

Lost 6.5" off waist and a 6% loss in body fat. "I am so proud of myself for completing this challenge. I have improved my appearance and that has boosted my self-esteem. My physical and emotional successes during the challenge have been awesome. "

50+ Division
Jerel Humphrey
1st Place Winner
Spring, TX

Jerel lost 24 pounds and 13% body fat on the "Training For Life" program. "I dropped 4 inches from my waist, 1 inch from my neck and a total of 23.6 pounds. My blood pressure improved from 168/110 to 132/90. My emotional improvement centered on my increased self confidence, I am much more positive about life, my family and my career! The relationship with my wife of 20 years has never been better. I feel so much younger and have so much more energy that it ought to be against the law! I've become a true disciple of Training For Life and what Nutrition is all about. I've learned how to eat much healthier! I will continue to improve my body with exercise and proper eating for the rest of my life. This experience has changed my life for the better, and I can't express how much I appreciate Christy and "Training For Life"!

30 - 39 Division
Stacy Gullion
2nd Place Winner
Humble, TX

Stacy lost 11 pounds and 3.5% body fat on her 12 week program with Training For Life.. "Everyone can see my physical transformation, but the emotional changes that this challenge evoked are much larger. The obvious change has been in my self-confidence. I was already an outgoing person, but I now feel so much more confident in everything I do. Thanks for the opportunity Christy! I would not have reached this level of change without the motivation Christy provided!"