Issues and Solutions

We fit the pieces together to make them work for you!

Plateaus. Sticking points. Dead Ends. Is there ANY hope to look and feel good again?????

Our program is designed to provide the same effect as a 3 month trip to a Wellness Camp or a Los Angeles reality TV show. The beauty is that we work around your career, your kids, your pets, and any other of the trillion commitments that keep you from getting back into shape. Your life does not have to go on hold to achieve an Extreme Body Makeover. We will bring the program right to your own home and neighborhood.

Whether you are trying to lose the "last 10" pounds, or 100+ pounds, here are some of the issues that you most likely face, as well as solutions we have found to solve them.

Issue 1 - We don't BELIEVE we can do it.

A lifelong pattern of attempts to lose weight or get in shape with minimal results has conditioned our minds to believe it is impossible. We have told ourselves literally thousands of times, “I can’t do it, It’s too much, It won’t work long term, so what’s the point?” We strive to reverse this thinking usually at the first of the year (New Years Resolution), and spend HUNDREDS of dollars on programs that almost always suggest (in fine print) moderating eating habits and participating in an exercise program.

Solution 1 - From the first moment of your first workout we will work to reverse this self- defeating attitude.

We will use clear cut goals, and some of the best technology available to assist you in this process. Self esteem will be the most valuable thing you take away from your BODY TRANSFORMATION. Not only will your body be much different, your mind will be in a whole new dimension of confidence.

Issue 2 - You probably do not know how many calories you burn in a day.

It is almost impossible to determine how many calories to EAT, if you do not know how many you BURN. You may know whether your metabolism is fast or slow, but how fast, or how slow? If you are trying to lose weight, it is absolutely essential to know this number, especially if you are attempting to burn off that last 5 to 15 pounds. It is like being in the fight of your life - - blindfolded. You swing, graze the opponent, and then are beat mercilessly into submission. Without a calorie bottom line, we are just crossing our fingers and hoping to miraculously make the scale numbers go down.

Solution 2 - “Taking off the blindfold.” You can determine a fairly accurate estimate of your Metabolic Rate (calories burned during a day not including exercise) by putting a zero behind your weight. We can now help you plan your intake based on the number.

No pills or tricks, just pure science. It is an accurate calorie budget, so you can eat right up to your calorie “bottom line”, stay sane, and still achieve the results you want. We will help you smash your genetic blueprint.

Issue 3 - It is a real pain to count calories even if you determine your calorie “bottom line.” Plus there are different forms of calories (protein, carbs, and fat) that will affect your progress.

It is like balancing a checkbook in your head. Ever done it? Can you say OVERDRAFT? It is the same principle with calories.

Solution 3 - “Making it easy.” All Training Packages include a 1 year membership to Calorie King, a user-friendly nutrition tracking internet site. It has a data base of over 60,000 foods and 300 exercises to assist you in tracking your calorie intake and burn rate.

You can also create foods from ANY food label, and that food will be stored permanently in the database for future use. The site really has to be seen to be believed. It gives you the ability to run your fitness program like a business (profit and loss). It’s like Quicken for calories.

Issue 4 - It is very likely that your accountability to a diet program will slip under a self- monitored system.

It is human nature to relax after some measure of success, and results begin to significantly slide.

Solution 4 - “Accountability.” We have an Internet Monitoring System by which you will receive feedback on a REGULAR basis.

When you check your email a summation of the previous days performance will be waiting for you. This is not an automatically generated response, but a personal message specifically written to help you stay motivated. It will list your points of success, and areas for improvement.

Issue 5 - Your weight loss goals were achieved, but you did not like the way your body looked in a bathing suit.

Solution 5- “The Transformation.” The training regimens include some weight lifting and other sport related activity.

The workouts are challenging, but safe, and over a consistent period of time will begin to shape an athletic body. After 12 to 16 weeks, you will be utterly amazed. There is some bad news however. You will have to buy a whole new wardrobe, or wear some things that were in style in the late 1980’s when you bought them.

Issue 6 - You may have hired a personal trainer before, with minimal results.

Solution 6 - Unfortunately, personal trainers that work in gyms are usually forced to cram in a high number of clients, and it is extremely rare that a trainer will evaluate your daily diet.

It is not their fault, but it does limit your results. At Training For Life you will experience a level of service that is incomparable to anything available in this area. This is our life. If we are not working with clients, it is likely that we are doing research into your specific case. You will have access to my personal number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I answer the phone directly on most occasions, and will call you back ASAP if I cannot reach the phone.

Issue 7- It is difficult to get out of bed early, or schedule time at the end of the day for a workout.

Solution 7- First, we are going to ring your doorbell with amazing consistency.

In-Home and On-Location training is the same principle that celebrities use to stay slim. We will schedule your appointments 4 weeks in advance. The training sessions are 60 minutes long and you will likely burn 400 to 1100 calories during the workouts (depending on your size and conditioning). They are safe, succinct, challenging, and burn twice as many calories (on average) as you would on your own. We will not let you fail because of time constraints.